Salento Guesthouse is an elegant and quiet residence.

A place worth telling about.

Salento Guesthouse is located in Carpignano Salentino (Lecce, Salento, Puglia).
A lovely holiday home with two adjoining apartments located in the historic centre of a small town that lies in the heart of the Salento.
Carpignano Salentino is just a few kilometres from both the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea and is just over twenty kilometres from Lecce.
The main apartment is a grand house dating back to the year 1475 and has been divided into three suites, named after the women who lived in this house: Donna Enza, Donna Tina and
Donna Irene. The suites are ideal as a holiday home in the Salento region of Apulia, because they are spacious and equipped with all the amenities you would need, without spoiling the history of the structure. The rooms feature vaulted ceilings, and antique marble floors. The furnishings in the
apartments have been carefully chosen to harmonize with the style of the period, of the Salento (Apulia). Ancient portions of original walls remain in view, revealing all the beauty and warmth of the Salento.
Puglia is rich in ancient villages, and Carpignano is one of them. The Salento is rich in beautiful historical homes, and Salento Guesthouse is one of them. Guests of Salento Guesthouse will savour the pleasure of a relaxing holiday and enjoy the beauty of the Salento, in a relaxing and comfortable
environment. Wonderful walks along the small roads that cross the countryside and lead to the sea, to admire the beauty of the wonderful Salento (Puglia). The Salento awaits you with its expanses of countryside, its quaint villages, rocky coastline and it's wonderful beaches. And every season you will find different atmospheres, landscapes and scents… always fascinating and captivating in their beauty and exclusivity.

Salento Guesthouse

Salento Guesthouse is a b&b run by Giuseppe. The b&b is housed in the family home where his grandparents lived until the early 2000s, in Carpignano Salentino, in the heart of the Salento (Apulia).
Giuseppe experienced firsthand the wonders of the family home and then decided to transform it into a holiday home, making spacious apartments with attention to every detail. Each apartment is named after one of the women who lived in this house in Carpignano, in the
heart of the Salento.
Visitors of Salento Guesthouse are able to choose the location that they like the most and that is closest to their needs and tastes. In the main house there are two apartments; one very large, ideal for families or groups of friends, or a studio apartment, perfect for a couple. The first apartment has
the name of the woman who was know as the town’s Grandmother, “Donna Tina” wife of Orazio,
beloved mayor of this Salento village for a good 25 years. The other two apartments made inside the house have the names of Enza and Irene, the two sisters who lived in this house. These three apartments are ideal as holiday homes, in the beautiful Salento (Apulia).
The apartments located in the historic centre are named Eleonora and Laura, also women in the
family. The Eleonora apartment is a small house on the second floor, in the historic centre of the town, it has a panoramic terrace which allows absolute relaxation, after a day at the beach or to enjoy an aperitif or dinner. The Laura apartment is located on the ground floor and overlooks a
small but important square in the historic centre, the main church is here which is a daily reference point for the women of the village.

All the structures, hence, evoke a peculiar trait of each Donna in the family, in relation to their temperament:

Suite Donna Tina, strength

Suite Donna Enza, patience

Suite Donna Irene, cheerfulness

appartament Donna Eleonora, creativity

appartament Donna Laura, loving kindness