Salento Guesthouse is located in the heart of Salento (Puglia).

Donna Laura

Donna Eleonora

In addition to the three suites within the main house, it has two apartments, also located in the historic centre of Carpignano Salentino
(Salento, Apulia). One of the apartments (Donna Laura), perfect as a holiday home, overlooks the small square in the historical centre of the town.
Donna Laura has a very special location, because it is just a few metres from the imposing Church in the main spuare, exactly opposite. The apartment does not have a kitchen, so it is not recommended for long periods.

The second apartment (Donna Eleonora) is a pretty little house located in an alley in the historic centre, near the main square of the town. The apartment is very spacious and comfortable and has a large terrace equipped with a lounge where you can relax with an aperitif. During the day it is ideal for sunbathing. The apartments enjoy tranquility and a warm atmosphere.

Donna Laura and Donna Eleonora give the exclusive feeling of going back in time, to a time of simple things and warmth, far from the noise and din of hurried life.
The two apartments are located in the historic centre of the village, surrounded by many other small houses, old ones which have remained intact despite the passage of time. In the nearby square there are small family-run restaurants, with typical dishes from the Salento, where you can dine outside in the quiet tranquility of the village.

On certain days of the week, the square hosts a market and is populated with vendors of products food and non-food items, creating a cheerful and joyful atmosphere. At certain times the summer, the narrow streets of the centre are decorated with beautiful lights, stalls and outlets selling local
products. In July the Patron Saint of the town is celebrated and in early September, the occasion of the most important and oldest festivals in the Salento the festa “lu mieru” (the wine festival), which gathers thousands of people from all over the Salento.

The beauty of a vacation

The beauty of a vacation in one of these apartments lies in the fact that you can fully enjoy the life of this small village in the Salento (Apulia), savouring colours, scents and smells. These are apartments once inhabited by very large families, who lived in economic straits but who inside these dwellings lived in the warmth of a family united.