Salento Guesthouse is an elegant and quiet residence.

A place worth telling about.

Salento Guesthouse is an elegant and quiet residence, located in Carpignano Salentino (Lecce, Salento, Apulia). It consists of a main building and three separated apartments spread across the small historical centre.

The main building, precious core of the village, is a little ancient palace dating back to 1475 composed of three suites at the ground floor: Donna Enza, Donna Tina and Donna Irene.
Their architecture is unique. Antique star and barrel vaulted ceilings can be seen together with beautiful capitals and chianche floors.

The home furnishings were accurately chosen to be in harmony with the historical profile of the building and several walls were partially left to their original shape, so as to highlight the wonderful ancient stone.

Salento Guesthouse

Salento Guesthouse is managed by Giuseppe, whose grandparents used to live here until the early 2000s.
Having Giuseppe experienced himself the lovely atmosphere of the house, he decided to name each
area after one of the most important women of his childhood, amongst whom Grandma Tina has a
special place in his heart, Orazio’s wife, cherished mayor of the village for more than 25 years.

All the structures, hence, evoke a peculiar trait of each Donna in the family, in relation to their temperament:

Suite Donna Tina, strength

Suite Donna Enza, patience

Suite Donna Irene, cheerfulness

appartament Donna Eleonora, creativity

appartament Donna Laura, loving kindness